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“Warm enough?” He smiled with reassuring eyes. “Yeah… yeah thanks,” I nodded in approval. “You are caught up in a shadow war, child.” The Future continued, “One in which you have no choice but to be a part of. One in which the forces of darkness have reared their ugly head against the world as…

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Stefan Le Roy

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The Man Who Murdered His Stag is the breakthrough humorous crime fiction novel from author Stefan Le Roy. Way back in 2003, Tom Marshall was everything those who truly love life hope never to become. He was a man of guarded existence and compulsive risk management. Naturally, Tom’s mundanity had come at a price: utter…

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S. R. Summers is author of The Infinity Squared Series, a cross-genre rollercoaster of adventure set in a dystopian world based in the United States. The thrilling narrative will spark rage, compassion, despair and tears as two complex and polar-opposite characters consistently clash but unavoidably shape each other’s life path. Along the way, poignant and…

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