The 3D Workplace

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Does your workplace need to change? Are you dealing with the same problems day after day? Struggling with broken processes? Concerned that you’re failing your customers? Caught up in a culture of blame? This illuminating book shows how to bring about deep and lasting change; making work work better for you, your colleagues and your…

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Legacy Press

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Author, entrepreneur and property professional Paul Oberschneider provides “No-nonsense advice for anyone wanting to follow their own path in the world of entrepreneurship.” The blueprints for success are there for anyone to follow,understand and replicate in their own business arena. There are no secrets, simply principles to understand andapply immediately.

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Junglenomics is far more than an idealistic proposal, it is a blueprint for managing and reversing the rapid decline of our shared planetary ecosystem. An unrecognised power source of evolution is brought to light in a way that is both bold and compelling, and ultimately, overwhelmingly convincing. This book is essential reading for those who…

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