Lucy Lyons Writes

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One grey, winter morning, Alex inherits a mysterious invention from her late father. The Finding Machine solves mysteries. And contains a big one, too. The question is…why did her dad build it, and who was he trying to find?

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Raeder Lomax

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Come along to the Jazz Age as it bursts onto the scene, 100 years ago, and yanks the Victorian era off of life support to give us the turbulent years of the 1920s: a time with no plan and no direction, but loaded with energy and creativity, and a madness that always rides piggyback on…

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Stefan Le Roy

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The Man Who Murdered His Stag is the breakthrough humorous crime fiction novel from author Stefan Le Roy. Way back in 2003, Tom Marshall was everything those who truly love life hope never to become. He was a man of guarded existence and compulsive risk management. Naturally, Tom’s mundanity had come at a price: utter…

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Murder Press

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Andrea Nelson, author of “The Trouble with Murder” series grew up watching Miss Marple films. She loved that her enjoyment of each film came from the humour between Miss Marple and her assistant Mr Stringer (her real life husband). Anyone and everyone should watch her films and during this couple of hours, every worry you…

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