Perigree Press

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“Warm enough?” He smiled with reassuring eyes. “Yeah… yeah thanks,” I nodded in approval. “You are caught up in a shadow war, child.” The Future continued, “One in which you have no choice but to be a part of. One in which the forces of darkness have reared their ugly head against the world as…

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Xiphax Press

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Psychologist, strategist and award-winning author Paul Taffinder lives in England on the banks of the River Wyre. So fascinated was he as a boy by the underlying motivations of people – the good, the bad and the vile – that he completed three degrees and then a PhD in psychology and still found out that…

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Scott T. Ferry Author

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Scott T Ferry is author of The Ascension Series. A dark threat has arisen in the east, overwhelming the Greenlands. Torbin Paleskin strives to coordinate a defence at The Titan Gate but the disparate nature of The Free Territories makes this arduous in the extreme. At the same time Candor Blackheart must try to stand…

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Peter Francis Books

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Peter Francis is author of the TIMMY BUFFET’S MAGIC PHONE BOX series. Born in London, Peter Francis grew up in the county of Essex. When he’s not driving his black taxi cab through the capital’s streets or writing his next novel, he likes nothing more than being at home comfortable on the sofa with a…

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