The Mysterious Series

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Hugo Eales is author of The Mysterious Series, a delightful set of picture books for kids. What Is That Mysterious Noise Coming From The Wardrobe? Join Charlotte And Teddy On Their Magical Journey Of Imagination And Discovery.

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Root and Cradle Press

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Wendy Mills is author of The Soul Traveller Series. As humanity evolves, our children and the child in each of us, need to remember that life is an adventure; an adventure that takes us inward, as a journey of self-discovery, just as it takes us outward. The deeper the journey, the stronger our roots on…

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Quizzical Works

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Quizzical Works is the home of author John Foley, an audiobook producer and puzzle setter. After years of stage work as an actor, he turned to writing and radio. He has scripted and voiced more than 600 programmes for BBC English/World Service. Other audio work includes adapting numerous plays by writers such as Alan Bennett,…

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Peter Francis Books

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Peter Francis is author of the TIMMY BUFFET’S MAGIC PHONE BOX series. Born in London, Peter Francis grew up in the county of Essex. When he’s not driving his black taxi cab through the capital’s streets or writing his next novel, he likes nothing more than being at home comfortable on the sofa with a…

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Laser Wray Publishing

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With a Specialist Degree in English Literature from the University of Toronto, twenty-six years experience teaching English in Istanbul, Turkey, and an irrepressible drive to draw, act, and write, R. Michael Wray is proud to be the creative force behind LASERWRAY PUBLISHING. Once described as lugubrious by a highschool friend (I know you are but…

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