Surgical Psychology

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How are good decisions made? How can we optimize our decision-making? Decision-making is a key professional activity that determines surgical outcomes and has a significant effect on a surgeon’s well-being. Yet it remains woefully neglected in surgical training, to the ongoing detriment of patients, professionals and organisations. ‘Surgical Metacognition: Smarter Decision-making for Surgeons’ is a…

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Shaneen Clarke

People all over the world have a simple but profound goal: to live a life of purpose. But finding that purpose – understanding how to ignite one’s imagination, encouraging oneself to dream big, exploring new ways to make a difference – can be a real challenge. It’s so easy to get sidetracked and lose focus,…

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Shakespeare Press

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“Perhaps, if bookshops can be haunted, No. 4 Sheep Street can claim more ghosts than most. Haunted certainly by my father” That was my father’s opening line to his unfinished memoir discovered a few days after his death in 2002. He called it The Life and Death of a Stratford Bookshop, but it was so…

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This book is about how a group of people had a dream – a state of the art 1,000 seat theatre and concert hall for Cornwall – and how they managed against all the odds to turn their dream into a reality. It is stories like these that, in their retelling, have the power to…

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Grace for Purpose

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Grace for Purpose’s vision is to glorify the name of Jesus Christ first and foremost. We then endeavour to equip Christians all around the world with material that will uplift their faith and encourage them to make prayer and reading God’s word a daily practice.

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Peter Herzberg

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Brought up in the Lake District, a keen interest in anything involving aviation brought about a career of almost 45 years starting with light aircraft and then on to the airline industry becoming a training Captain with various airlines including Virgin Atlantic on the Boeing 747. It all started with a piece of furniture inherited…

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Wolborough Publishing

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John Cranch: Uncommon Genius The Life and Achievements of a Self-Taught Polymath, Artist and Wit from Devonshire This story of how a poor country boy became a notable artist and scholar two centuries ago includes much humour and some pathos. Get to know this clever but kindly man. From author John W. Lamble John Lamble…

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