Toto and Coco

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Alan Frame is author of Toto & Coco. A biography concerning the Chanel empire and more. Toto Koopman, beautiful Vogue model, and Coco Chanel, queen of couture. Two friends, soon to be enemies. Toto became a British spy, Coco a Nazi agent. This extraordinary true story reveals the very best and very worst of what…

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The Educated Guess

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The Educated Guess is the first book in a new series exploring how we commonly think about education. By drawing on wide-ranging expertise and advice from many sources, it lifts the lid on our widely held views, and discusses how they play out. The aim of this flagship book is to help anyone facing decisions…

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The 3D Workplace

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Does your workplace need to change? Are you dealing with the same problems day after day? Struggling with broken processes? Concerned that you’re failing your customers? Caught up in a culture of blame? This illuminating book shows how to bring about deep and lasting change; making work work better for you, your colleagues and your…

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Rain Valley Publishing

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Graham Wardle is author of Building Warriors, a powerful and passionate look at the perils and pitfalls of the modern world, and the mental skills and strengths required to navigate it successfully.

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Patrick King Author

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PATRICK KING author of “Kidnapping Ronnie” and “The Reluctant Warlord” entered the British film industry in 1967, as a trainee in props and wardrobe, working on films and television including ‘Waterloo’, ‘Patton’ and ‘Dad’s Army’. During the same period he did military training at the Highland Brigade, Scotland, before transferring to the Army Reserve in…

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Moira Taylor

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Moira Taylor is author os “Sailors, Settlers & Sinners: The Hall family in Hull and New Zealand, 1795-1907” An escape on foot from captivity in France in 1810, the attempted murder of a young wife in New Zealand and a heroic death in the Transvaal in 1880 are just three of the extraordinary stories recounted…

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Malahide Press

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Malahide press is home to author Bill Pellew-Harvey, who has written a truly extraordinary and intimate personal memoire of an equally extraordinary man. A story that carries the reader from a childhood in colonial Africa to the inside of the arms trade encompassing the glitter of Monte Carlo and the oligarchs of modern day Russia.…

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Legacy Press

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Author, entrepreneur and property professional Paul Oberschneider provides “No-nonsense advice for anyone wanting to follow their own path in the world of entrepreneurship.” The blueprints for success are there for anyone to follow,understand and replicate in their own business arena. There are no secrets, simply principles to understand andapply immediately.

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Junglenomics is far more than an idealistic proposal, it is a blueprint for managing and reversing the rapid decline of our shared planetary ecosystem. An unrecognised power source of evolution is brought to light in a way that is both bold and compelling, and ultimately, overwhelmingly convincing. This book is essential reading for those who…

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Human Survival

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Michael R W Brown is an internationally renowned microbiologist, who has devoted his scientific career to the study of microbial survival. In this book, he applies lessons learnt at cellular level to human life. He sees profound and urgent questions arising from the successful adaptation from a pre-modern, arboreal environment with our pre-human, ancestral brains.…

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