Shakespeare Press

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“Perhaps, if bookshops can be haunted, No. 4 Sheep Street can claim more ghosts than most. Haunted certainly by my father” That was my father’s opening line to his unfinished memoir discovered a few days after his death in 2002. He called it The Life and Death of a Stratford Bookshop, but it was so…

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Peter Herzberg

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Brought up in the Lake District, a keen interest in anything involving aviation brought about a career of almost 45 years starting with light aircraft and then on to the airline industry becoming a training Captain with various airlines including Virgin Atlantic on the Boeing 747. It all started with a piece of furniture inherited…

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Wolborough Publishing

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John Cranch: Uncommon Genius The Life and Achievements of a Self-Taught Polymath, Artist and Wit from Devonshire This story of how a poor country boy became a notable artist and scholar two centuries ago includes much humour and some pathos. Get to know this clever but kindly man. From author John W. Lamble John Lamble…

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Toto and Coco

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Alan Frame is author of Toto & Coco. A biography concerning the Chanel empire and more. Toto Koopman, beautiful Vogue model, and Coco Chanel, queen of couture. Two friends, soon to be enemies. Toto became a British spy, Coco a Nazi agent. This extraordinary true story reveals the very best and very worst of what…

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Patrick King Author

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PATRICK KING author of “Kidnapping Ronnie” and “The Reluctant Warlord” entered the British film industry in 1967, as a trainee in props and wardrobe, working on films and television including ‘Waterloo’, ‘Patton’ and ‘Dad’s Army’. During the same period he did military training at the Highland Brigade, Scotland, before transferring to the Army Reserve in…

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Moira Taylor

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Moira Taylor is author os “Sailors, Settlers & Sinners: The Hall family in Hull and New Zealand, 1795-1907” An escape on foot from captivity in France in 1810, the attempted murder of a young wife in New Zealand and a heroic death in the Transvaal in 1880 are just three of the extraordinary stories recounted…

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Malahide Press

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Malahide press is home to author Bill Pellew-Harvey, who has written a truly extraordinary and intimate personal memoire of an equally extraordinary man. A story that carries the reader from a childhood in colonial Africa to the inside of the arms trade encompassing the glitter of Monte Carlo and the oligarchs of modern day Russia.…

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Griffin Publishing

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Since man first took to the skies, the spirit of adventure gained wings. No longer were the heavens out of reach, and man’s tales, true and fictional alike, were elevated to new levels. Griffin Publishing is home to the written works of Michael Howard. A life-long pilot himself, he uses his own extraordinary experiences to…

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