Wolborough Publishing

John Cranch: Uncommon Genius
The Life and Achievements of a Self-Taught Polymath, Artist and Wit from Devonshire
This story of how a poor country boy became a notable artist and scholar two centuries ago includes much humour and some pathos. Get to know this clever but kindly man.
From author John W. Lamble

John Lamble comes from a West Country family and has had a lifelong fascination with the history of that part of the world. After qualifying as a pharmacist he spent a decade in pharmaceutical research and obtained his doctorate. He then became founder-editor of a specialised scientific magazine. In the early 1980s he developed an interest in personal computers when they were first available and this led to him starting his own company to distribute specialised scientific software programs. Along the way he acquired a master’s degree in management by part-time study. Over a fifteen-year period while running his own business he studied psychology part-time which again led to a master’s qualification. John Lamble is married and had three sons, one of whom is deceased. When not engaged in scholarly pursuits he enjoys DIY and working with stained glass.