A.M. Bunny

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The Secretary was a twenty something, long legged attractive woman whose naivety would get the better of her. She was exceptionally loyal to her bosses and her short-hand expertise enabled her to get the top jobs. Her personal life was all but a disaster, with two marriages under her belt and numerous lovers she became…

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Shakespeare Press

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“Perhaps, if bookshops can be haunted, No. 4 Sheep Street can claim more ghosts than most. Haunted certainly by my father” That was my father’s opening line to his unfinished memoir discovered a few days after his death in 2002. He called it The Life and Death of a Stratford Bookshop, but it was so…

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This book is about how a group of people had a dream – a state of the art 1,000 seat theatre and concert hall for Cornwall – and how they managed against all the odds to turn their dream into a reality. It is stories like these that, in their retelling, have the power to…

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Peter Herzberg

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Brought up in the Lake District, a keen interest in anything involving aviation brought about a career of almost 45 years starting with light aircraft and then on to the airline industry becoming a training Captain with various airlines including Virgin Atlantic on the Boeing 747. It all started with a piece of furniture inherited…

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